Hampshire County Health Care (Massachusetts)

Find Hampshire County, MA Urgent Care Clinics, Medicare Offices, Medicaid offices, Ambulances, Hospitals, Emergency Services, and Health Departments near me, including Locations, Hours, Phone Numbers and Directions.

Hampshire County Ambulances provide hospital transfers, emergency services, emergency response, nursing home transports, and planned medical service transports in Hampshire County, MA.

Belchertown Ambulance Belchertown MA 2 Jabish Street 01007 413-323-0454

Belchertown EMS Ambulance Belchertown MA 9 East Walnut Street 01007 413-213-1203

Granby Ambulance Granby MA 250 West State Street 01033 413-467-9696

Hatfield Ambulance Hatfield MA 59 Main Street 01038 413-247-0489

Highland Ambulance EMS Williamsburg MA 56 Main Street 01096 413-268-7272

Hilltown Community Ambulance Huntington MA 1 Bromley Road 01050 413-667-3277

South Hadley Ambulance Department South Hadley MA 144 Newton Street 01075 413-533-7111

Hampshire County Emergency Services respond to natural disasters, severe weather incidents, and civil unrest, including disaster preparedness, emergency planning, mandatory evacuations, and disaster relief in Hampshire County, Massachusetts.

Belchertown Emergency Medical Services Belchertown MA 9 East Walnut Street 01007 413-323-0454

Highland Ambulance Emergency Medical Services Williamsburg MA 56 Main Street 01096 413-268-7272

Hampshire County Health Departments enforce health codes, monitor infectious diseases, and inspects food service establishments. Some offer clinical services, including flu shot clinics, blood pressure screenings, and health consultations in Hampshire County, MA.

Amherst Public Health Department Amherst MA 70 Boltwood Walk 01002 413-259-3077

Chesterfield Board Of Health Chesterfield MA 422 Main Road 01012 413-296-4771

Cummington Board Of Health Cummington MA 33 Main Street 01026 413-634-5354

Easthampton Health Department Easthampton MA 50 Payson Avenue 01027 413-529-1430

Granby Board Of Health Granby MA 215-B West State Street 01033 413-467-7174

Hadley Board Of Health Hadley MA 100 Middle Street 01035 413-584-4562

Hatfield Board Of Health Hatfield MA 59 Main Street 01038 413-247-9211

Health Department Belchertown MA 2 Jabish St 01007 413-323-0406

Huntington Board Of Health Huntington MA 24 Russell Road 01050 413-667-3511

Middlefield Board Of Health Middlefield MA 188 Skyline Trail 01243 413-623-2079

Northampton Health Department Northampton MA 23 Service Center Road 01060 413-586-7525

Northampton Health Department Northampton MA 212 Main Street 01060 413-587-1214

Plainfield Board Of Health Plainfield MA 348 Main Street 01070 413-634-5420

Quabbin Health District Ware MA 126 East Main Street 01082 413-967-9648

South Hadley Board Of Health South Hadley MA 116 Main Street 01075 413-538-5013

Southampton Board Of Health Southampton MA 8 East Street 01073 413-529-1003

Ware Health Department Ware MA 126 Main Street 01082 413-967-9615

Western Regional Health Office Northampton MA 23 Service Center Road 01060 413-586-7525

Westhampton Board Of Health Westhampton MA 1 South Road 01027 413-527-0463

Williamsburg Health Agent Williamsburg MA 141 Main Street 01039 413-268-8404

Worthington Board Of Health Worthington MA 160 Huntington Road 01098 413-238-5577

Hampshire County Hospitals offer emergency medical care, ER services, urgent care, surgical treatment, laboratory services, diagnostic treatment, labor and delivery care, and other health services in Hampshire County, Massachusetts.

Baystate Mary Lane Hospital Ware MA 85 South Street 01082 413-967-6211

Cooley Dickinson Hospital Northampton MA 30 Locust Street 01060 413-582-2000

Northampton Va Medical Center Northampton MA 421 North Main Street 01053 413-584-4040

Va Central Western Massachusetts Healthcare System Northampton MA 421 North Main Street 01053

Hampshire County The Mental Health Department provides treatment for mental illnesses, substance abuse treatment, recovery services, mental health screenings, psychiatric services, counseling, therapy, and other mental health services in Hampshire County, Massachusetts.

Northampton Massachusetts Mental Health Department Northampton MA 1 Prince Street 01060 413-587-6200