Lee County Health Care (Illinois)

Lee County Ambulances provide hospital transfers, emergency services, emergency response, nursing home transports, and planned medical service transports in Lee County, IL.

Advance EMS Ambulance Service Dixon IL 661 Reynoldswood Road, 1 61021 815-288-6898

Lee County Emergency Services respond to natural disasters, severe weather incidents, and civil unrest, including disaster preparedness, emergency planning, mandatory evacuations, and disaster relief in Lee County, Illinois.

Advance Emergency Medical Services Of Dixon Dixon IL 661 Reynoldswood Road 61021 815-288-6898

Lee County Health Departments enforce health codes, monitor infectious diseases, and inspects food service establishments. Some offer clinical services, including flu shot clinics, blood pressure screenings, and health consultations in Lee County, IL.

Lee County Health Department Dixon IL 309 South Galena Avenue 61021 815-284-3371

Lee County Hospitals offer emergency medical care, ER services, urgent care, surgical treatment, laboratory services, diagnostic treatment, labor and delivery care, and other health services in Lee County, Illinois.

Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital Dixon IL 403 East 1st Street 61021 815-288-5531