Clovis Health Care

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Ambulances provide hospital transfers, emergency services, emergency response, nursing home transports, and planned medical service transports.

American Ambulance of Clovis Clovis CA 635 Barstow Avenue 93612 559-326-7884

Hospitals offer emergency medical care, ER services, urgent care, surgical treatment, laboratory services, diagnostic treatment, labor and delivery care, and other health services.

Clovis Community Medical Center Clovis CA 2755 Herndon Avenue 93611 559-324-4000

Urgent Care provides non-emergency medical services, flu shots, injury treatment, treatment for urgent medical conditions, minor trauma services, and other medical needs.

Clovis Urgent Care Medical Center Clovis CA 2200 Clovis Avenue 93612 559-294-1162

Clovis Urgent Care Medical Center Clovis CA 1555 Shaw Avenue 93611 559-324-7001

Dry Creek Medical Care Clovis CA 2151 Herndon Avenue 93611 559-297-8389

Premium Urgent Care Clovis CA 1420 Shaw Avenue 93611 559-472-3534

Premium Urgent Care Clovis CA 2021 Herndon Avenue 93611 559-797-4315

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