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Find Blythe CA Urgent Care Clinics, Medicare Offices, Medicaid offices, Ambulances, Hospitals, Emergency Services, and Health Departments near me, including Locations, Hours, Phone Numbers and Directions.

Blythe Ambulances

Ambulances provide hospital transfers, emergency services, emergency response, nursing home transports, and planned medical service transports.

Blythe Ambulance Service Blythe CA 129 South 1st Street 92225 760-922-8460

Desert Air Ambulance of Blythe Blythe CA 164 North Broadway 92225 760-922-5911

Blythe Emergency Services

Emergency Services respond to natural disasters, severe weather incidents, and civil unrest, including disaster preparedness, emergency planning, mandatory evacuations, and disaster relief.

Blythe Emergency Services Blythe CA 181 South Main Street 92225 760-922-8836

Blythe Health Departments

Health Departments enforce health codes, monitor infectious diseases, and inspects food service establishments. Some offer clinical services, including flu shot clinics, blood pressure screenings, and health consultations.

Blythe Health Department Blythe CA 1297 Hobsonway 92225 760-921-5000

Blythe Hospitals

Hospitals offer emergency medical care, ER services, urgent care, surgical treatment, laboratory services, diagnostic treatment, labor and delivery care, and other health services.

Palo Verde Hospital Blythe CA 250 North 1st Street 92225 760-922-4115

Blythe Mental Health Departments

The Mental Health Department provides treatment for mental illnesses, substance abuse treatment, recovery services, mental health screenings, psychiatric services, counseling, therapy, and other mental health services.

Blythe Riverside County Mental Health Department Blythe CA 1297 Hobsonway 92225 760-921-5000

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