Juneau City and Borough Health Care (Alaska)

Juneau City and Borough Emergency Services respond to natural disasters, severe weather incidents, and civil unrest, including disaster preparedness, emergency planning, mandatory evacuations, and disaster relief in Juneau City and Borough, Alaska.

Cornerstone Emergency Services Juneau AK 9290 Hurlock Avenue 99801 907-789-7654

Greens Creek Emergency Medical Services Juneau AK 13401 Glacier Highway 99801 907-789-8190

Juneau Emergency Services Juneau AK 410 Willoughby Avenue 99801 907-465-3027

Juneau City and Borough Health Departments enforce health codes, monitor infectious diseases, and inspects food service establishments. Some offer clinical services, including flu shot clinics, blood pressure screenings, and health consultations in Juneau City and Borough, AK.

Alaska Health Department Juneau AK 350 Main Street 99801 907-465-3090

Juneau Public Health Center Juneau AK 3412 Glacier Highway 99801 907-465-3353

Juneau City and Borough Hospitals offer emergency medical care, ER services, urgent care, surgical treatment, laboratory services, diagnostic treatment, labor and delivery care, and other health services in Juneau City and Borough, Alaska.

Bartlett Regional Hospital Juneau AK 3260 Hospital Drive 99801 907-796-8900

Wildflower Court Juneau AK 2000 Salmon Creek Lane 99801 907-463-8700

Juneau City and Borough The Mental Health Department provides treatment for mental illnesses, substance abuse treatment, recovery services, mental health screenings, psychiatric services, counseling, therapy, and other mental health services in Juneau City and Borough, Alaska.

Juneau Mental Health Department Juneau AK 431 North Franklin Street, 200 99801 907-465-3071